Bois Shud Kiss

Way back in the 1990s, angsty homo young’uns didn’t have much in the way of teen queer culture. With goth being the subculture du jour for disaffected teenagers, declaring oneself a sexually-confused sadsack typically consisted of purchasing a Placebo CD and donning a slither of eyeliner to a music festival. Fast-track 15 years, however, and faggy pollyanna teens have it made care of the phenomena that is gay emo subculture. While ‘90s queer kids never really flocked to the baggy-cargo-pants and Jesus-hair aesthetic of goth (or, for that matter, the music of Korn), bright young flamers of the ‘00s have taken refuge in the permanently eyelined, fringe-swept and skinny-jeaned haven of emo. Where’s the proof, you ask? The many YouTube vids dedicated to emo boys sucking face, such as this corker:


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